January 30, 2007

Getting off on the right foot

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It seems, punkin, that we have inadvertantly caused some consternation.

That people, unbeknownst to us, have been so frustrated by us taking the summer off that they have taken drastic steps.

We do not in any way condone this kind of behaviour. The practice of "de lurking" is one that is fraught with danger, and in our opinion should be avoided at all costs.

People out there, punkin, in blogland, do however deserve an explanation for the lengthy absence of your wordy old dad, and so they shall have one.

I went on holiday.

This is not to say that I spent a great deal of time swanning about in tropical climes, sipping on drinks in coconuts and waving languidly at passersby on sparkling motorboats (although we DID go to the beach - photos on flickr).

Your dad, rather, took some time out to get a sense of perspective on life, to figure out where he was going and, more importantly, how he was going to get there.

We're happy to report that, whilst we're still not in the posession of a detailed minute by minute runsheet for the next forty years, that at the very least we're looking like we know which way is up. The frantic and drastic dervish whirling of my moral compass has slowed somewhat, and I'm able for the first time in a long time, to take stock of my actions BEFORE I'm in the middle of them.

This, you should know, is a major step.

Love you.