June 30, 2006


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It is not without some trepidation, punkin, that I venture out to the car dealership today to say goodbye to the blonk.

The blönk has served us well. We bought it many years ago, knowing somewhere deep down that you were on the way. The first thing someone said when they saw it was "is Evey pregnant?". People asked that a lot, though, they all knew we were waiting for you for a long time.

It was the blonk, punkin, that carried you home from the hospital. It was the blonk that took you on your first major road trip, down the Great Ocean Road, where this photo was taken. The blonk carried us all for many hours on many trips. Up the mountain and down, it always kept us safe and warm and comfortable.

But, with a new job, come new opportunities, and your dad isn't ever one to shirk the chance to upgrade if it's going to be economically sensible.

So today, punkin, we say goodbye to the blonk. I don't know what the name of our new car is yet, maybe you can help me figure that out.

Love you.

June 29, 2006

Soccer it to me

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It was not, punkin, without our best efforts.

You wore your green and gold pyjamas too.

June 22, 2006

New Beginnings

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One of the things, punkin, that you will learn in your life is that it's a very strange experience going into a new environment.

That each new beginning is a new opportunity to find new friends, to meet new people who share your interests, who will be able to teach you new and exciting things as you move forward in your life.

What's more interesting than that, punkin, is realising that, when you get to a new place, your tastes have changed and so have your interests. It was this thought, punkin, that struck me when I started to circulate amongst the people at my new workplace, was that previously on entering a new environment I would have talked about food, about wine and music and film and cars and all the other things that I like (actually, come to think of it, that's a pretty exhaustive list).

Now, punkin, I trawl the office looking for the signs of kindred spirits. I look for tired eyes and snapshots on desks. I look for people with mismatched socks and a briefcase that has some giant lego blocks falling out of it. I look for people, punkin, who like me, may have spent an hour or so and four AM listening to a tiny human screaming.

These are now my kindred spirits. These, punkin...

These are my people.

Love you.

June 15, 2006

Heavy Duty Hiatus

Good Morning, Pumpkin, it's been a while.

There's been a lot going on in the Peeny-Deeny household, but I can't say that I have any substantial excuse for failing to update this little portion of the world wide web.

One of the problems with some tasks is that, once you procrastinate for even a short while about completing them, they begin to take on some kind of a weight in your mind, a weight that does not often correlate in any way to how onerous that task actually is, but which manages to convince you that it would be Far Too Difficult to undertake it now, and anyway, there's something interesting on telly.

Not that there very often is anything actually interesting on telly.