August 30, 2004

mountains out of molehills

Well, pumpkin, the man from the finance company rang me up, and he said that because i'd been very silly with a credit card about three years ago, that we couldn't get a loan. Of course I immediately got very grumpy, and refused to talk about it. Your mother, who is obviously made of sterner stuff than I, got straight back on the phone to the man, and is trying to sort something out as we speak.

It's important to me that we bring you into this world in our own house. For some reason, now, I feel the sting of the temporary nature of renting a house. Being that your arrival is going to make a permanent change in the way we live our lives, it strikes me as a good idea to make sure that we have a place for the three of us to call our own.

We'll do what we can, pumpkin, and I'll keep you posted.

At worst, we're going to stay where we are, and try to save as much as we can so that we can move when you're very young. The blemish on my credit report will dissapear in 2006, and then we should be able to proceed.

So Pumpkin, this is your father talking, always pay your bills on time. If you don't, it will come back to haunt you. That's my first bit of fatherly advice, and it feels good.

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