September 21, 2005

Home again home again

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It's nice, being a dad and coming home. It's nice that you recognise me, that there's a huge grin on your face whenever you see me.

It's awesome that you grab me by the ears to steady yourself so you can look into my eyes. It's super cool that when I get home, if you're in your cot, I can go in and say hello. That I know which toy is your favourite, that we have special games that only we play ("bonjour monsieur poopoo" is currently getting a lot of airtime)

I love getting the chance to spend time with you by myself, and I love sharing you with your mum. I love seeing you do something new or exciting and yelling out. She comes running to see your new funny face or manouvre. We still haven't gotten the rolling over on tape, punkin, but I promise we'll get something by the time you're in high school.

I saw a young man on the tram today, with someone who seemed suspiciously like a grandmother. I'm excited that my parents will get a chance with me to watch you grow, to show you new things and take you on adventures. I'm filled with joy about you being here.

Having said all that, punkin, when you wake up at 4am, it would be awesome if you would just go back to sleep quietly, instead of grizzling for an hour.

Love you.


sussy said...

*LOL* Killed me with the last line.


Avery's mom said...

at nearly 5 months of age, your darling son is still waking at 4am?! guess I better get use to this. the 2am feeding isnt so bad but when it's 4 in the morning, it just feels like the sun will never come up or the baby back down.