November 12, 2005

Cup of Tea!

Evey and Emma
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In the very near future, punkling, your Aunty Em is due to arrive on these fine shores. This is, of course, an occasion worth much rejoicing, and your mother and I are very much looking forward to welcoming Emma, your mum's very bestest friend in the world, back into our home and our life.

Naturally, in the three (!) years that she's been gone from our fair shores, many things have changed for all three of us, not least of which is you.

Emma was among the first people we told about your impending arrival, and it was her wise counsel by telephone that kept us on the straight and narrow during the long night on which you graced us with your presence.

Your mum and I rely on Emma for many things, not least of which a rational voice when both of us are being fairly irrational, and so it was with great joy that we heard of her coming back to see us.

She's a creature of astonishing joy, your Aunty Em, she has a grin that cannot fail to elicit a smile from others, and whenever she's with your mother for more than a few minutes the two of them start giggling like 5-year-olds. In the time immediately before your mum and I got married, she was such a boon to us that we are now both vaguely uneasy about how we have managed to live for so long without her.

In any case, on Monday the next, she returns, and brings with her a Mr Adam, about whom your father knows not much, but has been assured that he is a Decent and Nice fellow, who wants to go yabbying, which is enough to endear just about anyone to your old man. If he likes decent plonk as well I may have a friend for life.

We're only going to get a small time to spend with Emma & Adam, so we've decided to take you all down to the ocean. We're going to stay here, a place just up the road from Apollo Bay. We'll have enough time to make the most of the area's delights, including, I'm hoping, a chance to cook up some local crayfish. Everyone else seems excited about some silly rocks in the ocean, but I'm thinking about my stomach as usual.

In the meantime, I'd best get back to unpacking boxes so that there's room for them to sleep in our new house.

Love you.


sussy said...

Phwoar... can I come too? I miss Apollo Bay.

Homer Jay said...

Man, we could sure use an "Emma" around our house. We need a rational voice amongst all the screaming.

Homer Jay said...

Just to clarify I mean "running around like lunatics" screaming. Not "I hate you and you make me miserable" screaming.

miss emma said...

Cup of Tea, Jam...
indeed bram i am returning, i am in a state of much excitement..
i have known your mummy a very long time, and she is mucho cool and i love her dearly..
friends bram, as you will learn, are the people who share your life in a very special way..
they make the bad days good,
the good days better,
and the other days worth the effort...
a true friend can make the sun shine on the darkest night,
they are truly the lights that guide our way,
and quite often they are bonkers and funny and a little bit strange ( at least the best ones are)!!!
see you soon wee man
love emma
p.s. adam is coming too, he is hairy know's a lot about stuff and is great and lovely.

miss emma said...

hello again thought i should say a few words about your dad too..
i let him marry your mum,
and i can't pay him any greater compliment...
on first meeting him your mum was just a little worried about what she was going to do had i said 'nope sorry not that one, all wrong...'
frankly bram i was just a little worried myself....
thank goodness they met really, cos' the earlier applicants for your mum's hand were, well not quite right....
and when your mum and dad got married i was very lucky cos' i got another one of those friend things i was telling you about...

Kiss Army Kaptain said...

Hello, it's Adam here. I'm feeling shy so I'm only staying for a little bit. Hi there anyway. your lovely auntie emma is currently sitting on me and she just farted. Ride the Lightning indeed \m/