May 04, 2006

Presentation Skills

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One of the things, punkin, that we may not have mentioned on the whole subject of birthdays and such is that, on your birthday, you get presents.

Lots of presents.

This morning was replete with the rustles of paper and squeals of delight that showcase a successful present opening ceremony. This was, of course, only the first round of gifts that you will be receiving over the next couple of days. We're glad, then, that we've managed to introduce you early to the present unwrapping process, so that you'll be on top form when the rest of your loot arrives.

Of course, some of your fans will be coming over this evening to pay their respects, while drinking my booze, and it's possible that the other great thing about birthdays will come into play, namely cake.

Cake is one of the five OTHER food groups that they don't tell you about in your home economics class (do they even call it that anymore?), namely Cake, Pie, Chips, Beer & Chips. You may notice that there is an apparent duplication here, but this is due only to the peculiar Australianism that fails to denote the state of potato chips in their name, thus on an American version of this list we would see Cake, Pie, Fries, Beer & Chips, and on an English list, Cake, Pie, Chips, Beer & Crisps.

In any cake (heheheh), the cake presented to you tonight will be only a facsimile cake that will be used to hold the fort and to allow us to have something to nibble on while we have a glass of champagne. Your REAL birthday cake will be arriving on Sunday, and will be a work of art by the very same artisan who put together the astonishing teddybear for your mate Sam's birthday party, but I'm not at liberty to divulge its details until the big day, so you and everyone else will Just Have To Wait.

I've been thinking a lot about what I wanted to say here, on your first birthday. I've been thinking about what message I wanted to leave for you that you'd be able to read when you get older, something that will stand the test of time and make me sound suitably profound and wise.

But I couldn't think of anything like that, so you'll have to settle for this.

I love you. I'll love you forever. For the rest of my life, I'll back you up, I'll take your side, I'll be there when you need me.

I've never in my life been so sure about anything, so absolutely dedicated to one goal as now. Being a good dad is all I need to be, it's the hardest job I'm ever going to have, but it's by far the most rewarding.

Every time I see your face, hear you laugh, watch you smile, feel your breath against my neck, hold your wriggling squirming body close to mine, my heart leaps with joy and with pride.

Happy Birthday, my beautiful son.

Love you,

Dad out.


lovelyamy said...

dearest bram
happy birthday to you my little lad,

no doubt you will be spending the next few days opening presents galore, but really one of the best presents you will ever have are these words of your father written here -- not to mention all the love in the world from evie and bill and all your family around the world.

i hope you have a wonderful party and i will also raise my glass tonight in praise of you.

love you always little man, happy birthday number one!!!

aunty amy xxx

Anonymous said...

Writing this feels strange, because I’m someone just out there in cyberland who came across your blog before Bram was born and became hooked. Just wanted to let you know that I have loved the stories, the capturing of the magic moments, the milestones and the not-so-easy days of parenthood. Love your writing style too.

Hope you all have a wonderful time celebrating Bram’s first birthday today.

Best birthday wishes to the little fella – and congratulations to Mum & Dad on surviving their first year of parenthood!

cheers, Anne-girl

Mrs_Pants said...

Happy Birthday Bram.

kristen dowler said...

have a super duper happy birthday mr bram...(may i please have a piece of cake?)

E in Oz said...

Happy happy birthday, Bram!

Doesn't time fly?!

Pol said...


my machine died over the wekend and so my Birthday Regarsds are coming to you several days late.

You will, in the fullness of time, come to recognise this trait in me Bram me lil darling.

I shall in years to come arrive a day late and a dollar short but over compensate horribly by supplying you with wholy inappropraite presents for your age, say a pocket knife or a powerful catapult.

I am firm believer in this being the function of bachelor uncles, especially the uncles unconnected by blood.

SO for now you'll have to content your little heart with knowing that the big baldy scots bastard that is your erstwhile Unca Pol has a bundle full of love for you awaitning my "triumphant return to oz".

I find my self more moved by the arrival of you little people, the older I get.

I am becoming cured of cynisism? Who knows.

As your Mum knws , and will tell you in time to come.

"Don't be a cynic, you know what they do to cynics? They bury them in Tupperware."

Sage advice.

Love to you all.

Pol x

Rae said...

Belated birthday wishes to Bram! So sorry we missed the big shindig, but all of us, esp lil Bertie boy, wish you the bestest of first birthdays. Mwah!

kiwi said...

hello, being someone that has recently stumbled across this blog, i also share the same birthday as the little man himself, and few people born on a day other than this aforementioned shared birthday know little of star wars day (you mentioned this about a month ago). i'm proud to hear that its not just me that is aware of it. it provides me with great amusement at the groans i recieve when i share the reasoning behind it. so i know its late and all, but for the sake of you now being my birthday buddy (anyone born on the same day immediately gets that distinction even if i have never met them other than reading their blog), may-the-fourth-be-with you Bram!