June 11, 2007

Rocket? Yeah!

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So yeah, punkin, it's been over a month since your dad last wrote to you. What can I say, it's not like I haven't had the time... There's been a bit of a problem with my work over the last couple of months - the man who I worked for decided he wanted to let someone else have a turn at doing the stuff I did for him, and so your dad had a lengthy period of time to play videogames.

Unfortunately punkin, and you will figure this out as you get older, there are inherent advantages and disadvantages to both employment and unemployment, the two being diametrically opposed in both the amount of free time they afford you, and the amount of money you get paid.

Being unemployed is wonderful in the amount of free time that one obtains, however the pay rate leaves much to be desired.

It is an ancient saying that one's lifestyle will automatically alter to fit one's income, however this generally only works in the expansion phase of income generation, rather than the contraction phase. We are faced, then, with a family situation that is predicated on the availability of a certain level of funding that is, at the current time, unavailable.

So your dad has been frantically surfing the intertubes, and calling people and arranging meetings. So good is your dad at this, punkin, that some people are going to pay for your dad to go On An Aeroplane to talk to them in Sydney. This is A Good Thing, but will mean that I won't be able to spend as much time with you tomorrow as I would like.

In turning two, you have changed the way you do some things, your vocabulary is expanding so fast that your mum and grandparents and aunts and uncles and I are having trouble keeping up with how many words you know now. It's now possible to have conversations with you, and to figure out what's happening in your head much more easily. It's also (and this has been stated more than once in the annals of history) constantly amusing and amazing to hear what you say. The idea that you're now able to construct sentences from words that you haven't heard together before is something that's making me feel much closer to you.

You've also found the words for cuddles and kisses, both of which you are hugely fond of, in addition to your two new friends, both called Finn.

I'll try to write to you just a tad more often, and maybe even take some new photos....

Love you,


lovely amy said...

hey you lot down there ;)
wishing you all the best dude. go ROCK!

Melisou said...

Hey Bill and Eve, What a lovely blog... Its nice to see Abraham's journey and its good to see he goods his good looks from our side of the family :-) xxoo Mel (melisou.blogspot.com)

Foozwah said...

Dear Eve, Bill and Bram,

Another Finn...? Wow, consider my mind ever so slightly blown - but in a good way! :)