October 20, 2008

Alright Already

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She's right, you know, it's about bloody time I posted again. It's been so long I can't hardly remember what the last thing I told you was, or where we were going, so I should perhaps start at the start. Well, not the start, because that would negate the entire concept of the rest of the blog, but perhaps close enough to the start that we can gain some perspective ...

So where are we?

Well, we have a house (finally), and if I ask you, you tell me our address (all jumbled together like it's a single word - which to you, I guess, it is). You're three and a half now, full of ideas about what you want and what you don't. You're particular in so many ways that fascinate me - there's still fragments of things I remember from when you were much younger, but you're building such a strong, delightful personality that it's still very much the case that every day is a new adventure.

We're beginning, you and I, to negotiate about stuff. You want to watch Wall - E (every day, and sometimes twice or thrice a day), and I want you to, yunno, eat and sleep and wear clothes. Ok, at least pants.

We went to the zoo yesterday. You love the animals there, and we went with your mate Finn. Word to the wise, though, don't go to the zoo on children's day. There's Far Too Many Children.

Love you.

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Lady of the manor said...

ofcourse she's right..and if i had it my way, your dad would update daily. way back in the day when you were just a wee pumpkin in your mammas belly your dad DID write (almost) daily and no word of a lie, it was a delight to read all about the wonder that was to become bram. :) your dad used to read my (old) blog and my own pumpkin known as offspring#2 is now a strapping young almost 3 year old that is also against the wearing of the pants.