April 18, 2006

No Visible Means of Support

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In your life, punkin, you will have detractors. People will seek to belittle your efforts, and to bring disrepute to your great works.

These selfsame people could easily look at this photograph of you standing up and say "ah yes, but he was only standing up for a split second", or that a photograph is no proof that you've joined the rest of your homo sapien brethren in standing upright.

To these people, punkin, we shall say "poo poo".

Detractors, punkin, didn't say of Armstrong and Aldrin that they didn't spend long enough on the moon. They didn't say that Norgay and Hillary spent only 15 minutes on the summit. No, punkin, they didn't.

So we shall take this moment (this very brief moment) as it is. You, punkin, are standing up. That, for however short a time, you are running under your own steam. And that, punkin, makes me very, very, very proud.


kkjayne said...

If it's long enough for you to take a photo it's long enough to count :D

Rae said...

Wow!! Fabulous Bram! Well done!!

E in Oz said...

He's growing SO fast!

rowdygrammy said...

Good Morning Abraham William,

Your Dad doesn't mention it sweet boy, but through your life you will also have people who will support you and encourage you and prop you up when you need it.

You are fortunate to have good and loving parents and should they need some help there are always the legion of grand parents, aunts, uncles and friends that will help you on your way.

In my life I have found than there are many more of the positive than the negative kind.

We know you are standing up, and soon you will be walking and then running.
Keep on growing my darling Brambill in love and joy.

Your very proud