July 06, 2006

The Not Very Scary Dragon

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It's thought, punkin, that dragons should be in most, if not all cases, scary.

Whilst I'm cognisant of my duty as a father to support you in everything you do, I'm also a stickler for (ok some would say pedant) doing things the right way. And this, punkin, is no way to go about being a dragon.

Dragons, according to most popular literature and wikipedia, are mythical reptilian creatures who are, regardless of their bewinged status or number of feet, universally regarded as scary.

Certainly, your job as Number One Grandchild contains a number of Key Performance Indicators, most of which revolve around being fantastically cute, and I'm certain that many of your seemingly without number legion of grandparents would tell me that I'm setting unreasonable expecations, asking you to be scary rather than cute as a lil button, but I like to think that part of my role as a father is to set you reasonable goals so that you have a sense of achievement in your life.

In any case, this, then, is your dragon outfit. Modeled with your usual grace and style.

Love you.


rowdygrammy said...

But if you HAD to be scary you could. I think your Dad needs to keep in mind that your job at the moment is to be cute and make everyone love you to pieces. This has a definite place in ensuring your long term survival, and thus the survival of the species. As your Grammy has often said babies need to be cute and loveable, so that by the time they are teenagers and NOT cute and definitely not always loveable that everyone around them loves them too much to actually put them out in the bush for three years.
But we are glad to see that you like your OshKosh jammies.

A nice man came and inspected Grammy and Grandad's house yesterday. He looked under all the strategically placed rugs, climbed on the roof and opened every single cupboard door. We are waiting to hear what he has to say, and then how much money it is all going to cost us.

We haven't started counting down the weeks yet, the house sale isn't confirmed until after the inspection, and the negotiations that follow.

I love you Brambill, and your Dad & Mum and Unky Dave and the puppies.

Armagnac Esq. said...

A certain mutual friend (H....)sent me your site.

Very cute, will link. At mine between all the lefty politics you will also find musings from a dad-to-be.

On dragons: I have to point out that in D&D folklore there were good and bad dragons. Also in Monkey Magic, which I'm currently watching from start to finish, the horse is in fact a good sea dragon that changes form to carry tripitaka on her/his journey.

billyjoe noodle-bob said...

Sho nuff, Armaniac, there are dragons in D&D that are good, as well as ones that are evil. You will note, however, that I did not mention alignment when I was admonishing my child, merely scariness or lack thereof.

Certainly a peasant (as are all good members of the proletariat), on seeing a dragon of the gold, silver or platinum variety, would probably join the Brown Trouser Brigade, regardless.

stamp said...
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lovelyamy said...

just watch 'flight of dragons' animation and you will learn all

love to you all
aunty amy