July 03, 2006

Blonk II - The Quickening

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Of course, whenever something old goes, something new arrives to take its place.

In this case, when I was thinking about how to replace the blonk, I took a number of factors into account. I drew up a mental list of the things I liked about the blonk, and about the things that I didn't like. At the top of that list was something I'd mentioned to just about everyone who'd asked me about the car for the five years we owned it.

"It's great", I'd say, "but it's a little bit underpowered".

Welcome, punkin, to the answer to that problem.

When I started going down the list of cars that would somewhat fill the blonk's shoes, one car kept popping its head up. When I compared lists of this and that and cargo space and does that one have climate control and how many cupholders and airbags and ABS, EBD, AYC, VVT, CVT etc etc etc one car kept not necessarily being at the top of the list but it was always in the hunt.

And then I drove one.

I drove one and I was hooked. I knew I wanted it.

It took about three months to get all of the ducks in a row.

First, I needed to get a new job, then I needed to reach the perfect inflection point that balanced perfectly the difference between how much we still owed on the blonk and how much it was worth. Then I needed to find the right one, (a year old, under 10,000kms, a colour that your mum liked) then I needed to time everything exactly right so that I got the best possible deal. So then we were golden.

Well, silver, anyway.

So here we have it. Nouveau Blonk. Blonk part Deux.

We have, for your inspection and conveyance for the next three years: An MY06 Subaru Forester XT in Premium Silver. But it doesn't have a name yet. Suggestions are warmly welcomed.

Love you,


uppitywoman said...

How about Gump- as in 'my name is Forest(er) Gump, people call me Forest(er) Gump'? -giggle

Pol said...

I suspect that the name will appear rather than be selected.
I had a big manky old Kingswood that some how was called Dirty Pierre.

No idea how that happenend but there you go.

Pol x

E in Oz said...

It depends if it's a boy car or a girl car. Mine have always been boy cars, but my dad's cars were all called Betsy.

....and I'm jealous....I want a Suby too.

Mrs_Pants said...

We're thinking of upgrading my lovely, yet impractical for a growing family Barina, to a Subaru Forester. Having always had a penchant for Holdens though it may take me some time. Not to mention gathering the funds necessary!

billyjoe noodle-bob said...

You should have told me, mrs pants, i had a lovely blonk who was looking for a new home...