August 19, 2006

Baby's got blue eyes

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Don't have time to write anything huge right now, I'll get back to this later, but I wanted to share this photo that your mum took this morning....

We had a very busy time of it this weekend, although we did manage to see an astonishing number of your grandparents in that short space. Reports from all concerned indicate that:

a) you are still very cute

b) you are just wonderful and

c) you are "precious".

What these mean exactly, I have no idea, but I must say that the people who uttered these statements obviously didn't see you eating some dirt on Sunday afternoon.

We roadtripped on Sunday, with our good friends Alan and Ciara, taking them and their zippy new blue car up through the hills to Healesville for a fabulously lovely luncheon in the beer garden of the Healesville Hotel. Being as it was your first ever beer garden, you chose to celebrate the occasion by

a) running around after the other kids, they were playing chasey and running rings around you, but you just loved staggering after them in your drunken sailor way, you'd almost catch them and then they'd turn around and come rocketing back past you - you'd sway in their wake, but you're getting a bit steadier now;

b) chasing the pigeons;

c) eating some gravel instead of your lunch, although you did realise at some stage that the leftover chips on my plate were probably a better option; and

d) wandering around the entire environs of the pub, charming patrons.

but not, interestingly, shouting a round. I think you have some things to learn about going to the pub.

Love you


Sneaky Pete said...

gravel? ooooh no pumpkin!

Rachael Byrnes said...

Bram is so cute!! Reminds me of my nephew Declan. My dad's got photos on his blog