August 13, 2006

Swings and Roundabouts

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As we grow older, punkin, we learn that we're better at some things than at others.

We figure out, as we go along in our lives and try new experiences, what we like and what we don't like. We gain a... template, if you like, for how we're going to live our lives. Sometimes, though (and this is the really tough bit), the things that you think you have all sewn up turn out to be unraveling without you noticing.

That, punkling, is when you have to pull the car over and ask for directions.

Asking for help isn't easy, it's one of the hardest things to do, especially once you're a grownup. Grownups, you see, are supposed to have everything in order, everything sorted out. They are supposed, pumpkin, to know what they're doing.

But we don't.

We try very hard, we really work at doing the right thing, and making your life the best possible life it can be, but sometimes we don't have the answers.

But here is the wonderful thing, pumpkin.

People, you see, have been having children for a very, very long time. People, who you are related to, and who are very very clever, have had many children. So your mum, and more specifically lately your dad, when they feel like they're not coping or can't figure out how to move forward, can turn to these people and say "HELP!"

And they do, punkin. They come from all avenues and all directions. Your mum and dad are surrounded by what seems like a phalanx of wonderful people who are just as determined as we are that you will have the very best upbringing possible. Determined, punkling, to provide your parents with the support, guidance, and shoulders that they need. They say, Bramble, that it takes a village to raise a child. In my experience, they're not far wrong.

So listen, I know this is your blog, and I'm just a guest here, but I don't think it would be out of order for me to ask to take a moment of time to thank the people who've been such a help to me in the last few weeks, and who it's likely will be there again in the future. Yes, I'm looking at some people in particular, but I won't embarass them here, I'm pretty sure they know who they are.

There is movement at the station, pumpkin. This is going to be some changes around here, and they're going to be for the better.

Love you.

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rowdygrammy said...

Good Morning Abraham William,

Once you get older you will find that the adults in your life (parents, grandparents, aunts & uncles etc.) will from time to time give you some advice. They will then say 'I'm just telling you this because I don't want you to make the mistakes I made'. What I have found is that as children get older (say over thirty), every now and then they actually LISTEN to this advice. We all love you, and we love your parents, and your uncles and aunts. We want nothing but the best for you. The fact of the matter is that life isn't always easy (seems to me I might have heard that before), but everyone around you is going to do their level best for you. And if your mum and dad need some help, then here we are.

I haven't started counting days, but Grandad Phil and I will be with you before too long. At the moment I am trying to finish up at work, saying goodbye to a lot of people and we are trying to get rid of as much as possible.

Keep smiling my darling Brambill, and tell your parents to stop keeping you up past your bed time.

I love you, and your Mum & Dad & Unky Dave and the puppies.