November 12, 2006


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When I'm away for work, sitting alone in some anonymous hotel room, contorting my body so I can make the phone cable stretch to the bed and connect with the outside world over dialup (ancient technology, punkin, don't worry about it, just think about it like tin cans and string), this is the face that I see, that I want to come home to.

When I got home yesterday afternoon, you were asleep, I got a few quick minutes with your mum and then you woke, I ran in to see you, and your initial look of bewilderment was so priceless - like "hangon, you weren't here before!"

I got you up and showed you the great truth that every boy with a travelling businesstype dad finds out, that every trip ends with a present. I think you like your truck.

Love you


Steff said...

beautiful - and i was just looking at your links and pealised your a pussycat fan its a small blogger world

E in Oz said...

Such a cute little kiddo you have there. :-) The photos you take are great.