February 15, 2007

Valentine my Valentine

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You know, punkin, it was Valentine's Day yesterday. Valentine's day is all about, if we are to beleive the advertising, buying people that you love cards and flowers and chocolates and buying expensive dinners and keeping, punkin, the economy moving.

Surprisingly, your dad doesn't buy into all that.

Your mum and dad spent the evening of Valentine's Day curled up on the couch (this is, you will note, after you stopped screaming for the evening), drinking a bottle of vintage sparkling wine and watching a romantic movie after haveing steak frites for dinner.

This, though, was how we wanted to spend Valentine's Day. We wanted to have you there (although we were happy to have you in the next room and not screaming), because you are the living embodiment of our love.

That's a mushy sentiment, for sure, but it's Valentine's Day so I'm allowed to say it, and I'm allowed to say this:

That every time I look at you, I see your mum and how much I love her. That every time you smile at me, I see her smiling at me, looking at me with love in her eyes and joy in her face.

Happy Valentine's Day evey.

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