March 03, 2007

Is the plural of museum musea?

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There are many, as you discovered the other day punkin, interesting things at the museum.

Naturally, being as you are, the Bram that you be, chief amongst those things were anything with wheels. This red truck was the first thing you saw when we came up to the ticket counter, and your mother was forced to accompany you in your headlong rush towards it.

As we journeyed around the rest of this magnificent cultural icon, we found some other cars and trucks for you to look at, which, to be perfectly frank, was the only thing you were interested in.

The children's section of the Melbourne Museum is truly wonderful, and you had a blast there. Sandpits, wind chimes and things to jump around on abounded, and there was a particular set of boxes that made noises when you jumped on them. These kept you amused for some time.

Once your dad figures out how to use the animation tool in Photoshop, we'll have something groovy to show everyone, but for the time being we'll just have to imagine it..

In other news, it's Monday again, and I'm busy sorting out the things on my desk into piles of "urgent", "very urgent", "extremely urgent" and "oh gosh".

That's not really what the last pile is called, but this is a G rated blog.

Love you,

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Pol said...

assemble all the pics you wisxh to animate into one file as layers then click the Image Ready button at the bottom of the tall rectangular tool box, this'll open Image ready and from there you just assign times to each frame in turn then save as animated gif. et Bingo!

Hope you are all well.