March 26, 2007


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It is with sadness, punkin, that I report that your father has bowed to pressure and permitted your flowing locks to be shorn.

It should, however, be duly noted that selfsame father was adamant (ant musiiiic oh oh oh oh) that your mullet should remain, and remain it did.

You were surprisingly tractable during the haircutting process, although eagle eyed readers will no doubt have already seen the car clutched in your hot little hands. What's interesting about this car in particular, according to you, and in a very interesting vocal development, is that it's YELLOW.

We've been pointing out colours to you for some time, your grandma and grandad gave you a book about colours when they were here in January, but we weren't sure that the whole idea was sinking in. But it has, to a certain extent, which I will endeavour to explain.

The thing is, punkin, that while you're adamant (ant musiiiiic oh oh oh oh) that SOME things are YELLOW, you're also fairly positive that other things are yellow. notably things that are green. And blue or red.

Love you.


rowdygrammy said...

Well Brambill, Grammy was listening too, and, it's actually LELLOW.
And you love your AIRPLANE.

love you too

Leah said...

Happy Birthday Bram!
I have been reading this blog for ages, and my little boy (who is one at the end of May) could be mistaken for your little brother!
We both hope you have a wonderful day, and May the Forth be with you!

Valery said...

It's great to find your perfect hairstyle from the early childhood!