November 05, 2004

rainy day, dream away

It's raining today, pumpkin. Steady, soaking rain.

People around me are bemoaning their drive in to work, shaking drops off umbrellas, bustling about avoiding going outside. I'm happy.

Rain makes me happy, happy that I'm dry and warm, happy that the blönk is a safe car, happy that my herbs and vegies are getting all the water that they need. The sound of raindrops on the roof when I go to bed engenders feelings of snug comfort. I love thunderstorms too, the epic bangs and crashes, lightning strikes and pummeling rain.

I hope, however, that it rains itself out today, because tomorrow I'm going horseriding with your Aunt Liz.

The weekend should also see some gardening work, after miss Purdey decided that she didn't like my beautiful bathtub herb garden, which is to be replanted and augmented with an electric fence, and the beginnings of our thinking about how we're going to change the house around when you arrive. If possible I might also try to find time to go and visit Sam, who tells me he's looking forward to you arriving.

As you grow older, pumpkin, you will likely get used to the phrase 'three steps forward, two steps back'. This is the way that we live much of our lives, gaining tiny increments whilst much of our efforts are expended simply in maintaining forward momentum.

Love you.

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