October 23, 2005


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Bathtime is fast becoming a nightly ritual for us, punkin. It seems to be that, as you grow older, we need to provide you with a concrete point of transition between "daytime" (wakeup, boob, bounce, bounce, bounce, wriggle, bounce, wriggle, grizzle, sleep), to "nighttime" (wakeup, boob, bounce, grizzle, sleep).

The bath seems to be the best way to do this. It gives you an opportunity to spend some quality time with a parent, it gives you an opportunity to kick kick kick to your heart's content, and it lets us make sure that you're clean and ready to take on the evening's entertainment.

Because of the strange and bizarre architecture of our bathroom, someone has to get into the bath with you, which gives us a chance to really get up close and enjoy this time with you as much as you do. The next lot of photos to come up will show just how much you do enjoy it, and your squeals of joy while you kick and splash are, I know, just precursors to the joy that you will show when I introduce you to other pursuits.

We're moving house soon, a saga that will no doubt take up more column inches here in the near future, but one of the (many) things that I'm excited about in our new house is that the bathtub will be easily accessible. This means that I'm going to be able to let other people have a turn at what is surely one of the most fulfilling and rewarding things that you and I do together.

Love you.

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