February 08, 2006

G minus 16 hours

Grammy is on her way, punkling (and yes, uncle steve, this is the correct aircraft)

Your mum and I are laying back and having martinis (this is a total lie, we're frantically tidying the house so that my mum doesn't think that we're complete utter and total slobs).

Also, despite the fact that I'm actually on holiday, gigantic worldwide information technology companies don't make strategic go/no go decisions around when I'm going to be free, I actually have a fair bit of work to do. Better to do a few hours of work to do from the comfort of the couch, though, than to actually put on respectable clothing and head into the office.

So Grammy's in flight (looking at the timing, I'd say she's probably as we speak thinking seriously about ordering a third glass of champagne) and we'll see her tomorrow morning, emerging from the magical grandmother doors at the airport.

Love you.

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