February 06, 2006

Kneehigh to a Grasshopper

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Your grammy's getting here in three days, punkin, and I can't get over how much you've changed in the short months since she's been gone.

Last time she was here, you were a bundle of joy and happiness, but you weren't yet in a state to interact with people properly. Now you laugh, you giggle, you grin and guffaw. You stand up, you crawl around, you read books and open things that are shut. You know that things are there when I hide them for you, and you know how to do so many things.

I think what's occuring to me most at the moment is, using this measure of time gone, these months that your Grammy's been away, and how much you've changed, I'm struck primarily by knowing that you will continue to do so. That this tiny chunk of time represents only the smallest fraction of the joy I will gain from watching you grow.

I feel so incredibly lucky.

I don't think I realised, when we started talking about having kids, that the real repayment for the hard work, the sleepless nights and the poopy nappies would come so simply. I didn't know that my greatest joy in life would become time spent with you. The swell of pride I got tonight when you opened the letterbox on your playhouse to find the fireman I put there for you wasn't something that I had any conception (punintendedohyes) of before you were born. I'm sure you won't know so I'll tell you, but I know you won't beleive me for at least the next 30 years.

All you have to do to make me proud is smile.

And my heart breaks.

Love you.

G minus 60 hours

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rowdygrammy said...

Good Morning Abraham William,

Grammy & Grandad are in the last 20 hours of getting ready to come on the big silver bird to see you and your Mum and Dad and Uncle David. Not to mention Auntie Joan and Uncle John, Annie, Uncle Jack, Uncle Doug, Janet, Aunty Wendy and lots of other people.

We hope you are feeling better. Have your Mum and Dad tried a humidifier? That can be very helpful with a cough. In an emergency, running the shower and shutting the bathroom door so the room gets steamy will do. Of course it's not as comfortable as being in bed, but it works.

And your Dad is right Brambill, having your son smile at you is all you need to feel happy and proud and loved.

Love and hugs to you, and your Mum and Dad, and Uncle David & the puppies

And PS - yes we do have presents.