February 15, 2006

Swiss Family Phlegmmerson

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It's been a tough week, punkin. Having your grammy and grandad here is fantastic, but it's hard on everyone to make sure that we get time together without changing your routine too much.

Your routine, as we have discovered by trying to vary it, is something that needs to be maintained at all possible costs in order to avoid the appearance of The Demon Child.

It all starts at about 545 - 630 in the morning. You wake up and stand up in your cot. If we don't hear you moving around, you're not averse to banging on the bars or just flat out yelling.

I come into your room and bring you back into our bed, where you jump onto your mum for a feed and then she gets up to have a shower while you and I play on the bed for a bit.

I think that's my favourite part of the morning. You haven't really woken up until you finish feeding, and being there when you open your eyes makes me feel so... connected to you. We snuggle and wrestle and bounce around on the bed. Sometimes I have some toys handy, sometimes I don't, and we have to make do with each other. You push and pull at my ears and bite my eyebrows. I hold you upside down and tickle your feet. You grin at me with those shining eyes and I know that you know that you're safe and loved and you can go out into the world knowing that.

Love you.


E in Oz said...

Sending you serenity. Hope the week improves for you all.

E in Oz said...


When I read this post the other day, all that was there was the first sentence. Now my first comment doesn't make so much sense. :-\