March 09, 2006

Arrival of The Junk Food Monster

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Your parents, punkin, are dedicated to the concept of providing you with nutritious and tasty meals on every possible given occasion.

Having said that, your parents are also morally obligated to support the local economy wherever possible. It was therefore unfortunately necessary that we this evening procure some of the region's finest in deep fried delicacies.

Naturally, being parents who are dedicated to the concept of sharing our delight with all things culinary and degustatory, we had to share our crunchy salty bounty with you.

You were delighted.

Note, if you will, that there are a total of five chips in this photo. Two on the plate, yes, that's easy. One in the mouth. No problem there. One clutched in left fist, ready for chomping. Good work punkin, I'm proud of you.

But here's the clincher. Here's how we can tell that you weren't swapped for one of the other kids from the hospital (notwithstanding that you were the one and only bloodnut there).

No, the way that we can tell that you belong to us is the fifth chip. Very obviously being hoarded down there in the right hand. Held, if you will, in reserve against any unforseen circumstances.

The only way you could be any more adorably dedicated to such foodstuffs would be if you had stuck it in your pocket (ask your uncle Steve).

Love you.


Rae said...

That's adorable. He's a clever boy; hoarding food for later is a good trait!
Great to hear all is back on track with his eating and he's no longer seemingly out-of-sorts.

Amber said...

I absolutely love that picture of Bram. What a sweet little smile-adorable! It looks like he is totally into the food and a little mischevious and proud of himself all at the same time.

rowdygrammy said...

Good Morning Abraham William,

I bet you thought the grand parent doors had swallowed me up for good. We did indeed have a wonderful time when we visited you. You are a lovely, sociable and very intelligent boy. I have learnt that Grammy should not wear dangling ear rings, that you like to read, and that you love Grandad Phil’s bread. To be fair about this you like almost any bread product.

We are so sorry that you and your parents have been sick. It appears that once we left it all went pear shaped. I am sorry that we couldn’t be with you to help your mum and dad out. Our trip back home was as good as such things get. The Air New Zealand business class seats that convert to beds complete with proper pillows and comforters certainly make the long flight over the Pacific bearable. But at over $11,000 for a ticket I don’t think we will be experiencing them again.

And as for the junk food – your Grammy missed out on the ritual fish and chips on her visit – just not enough time. A little junk food never hurt anyone; I know that your Mum and Dad are being careful to make sure you have all of the good things that you need to eat to make sure you grow up big and strong, so enjoy those chippies.

We are experiencing the delights of mud season here; it appears that spring must be on the way.

I hope you and your Mum and Dad and the puppies are all well and happy.

PS You dad told me that you had gone back to sleeping through the night. I hope this trend has continued.

love and hugs for all of you.