March 01, 2006

Where were we?

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Ah yes, you and your mother in separate hospitals 400m apart.

And you were ensconsed in the short stay ward, under the watchful eyes of Harry and Liz and I was trying to coordinate how to make sure I was spending enough time with both of you.

You, punkin, had come off your drip at about 6am, and your mum was recovering well on fluids, and FINALLY getting some sleep. It all looked promising for everyone concerned to go home from the horsepickle on that day (Saturday).

I left your mum sleeping at her hospital and came down to see you and Harry. The doctor said that he thought you were doing well, and that we should be able to discharge you later that day. Thinking that it would make sense to give your mum some more time to sleep, we went back up to the other hospital to get her and take her home. Her doctor said that she would have to take AT LEAST a week off work, and that she should rest as much as possible in that time.

We grabbed your mum and spirited her out of there, stopping by to see you on the way, and let you have some boobjuice, then we took your mother home. I got her settled, grabbed some supplies (including Harry's PSP), and headed back into the hospickamickal to take care of you for the final push.

By the time I got back to the Children's, you were looking much better than when I'd last had a chance to get a good look at you. Whilst by no means your usual perky bouncy grinning self, you did manage a smile or two and the frenetic pace of the last few days began to slow down just enough for me to catch my breath. I got you down to sleep, played playstation for a while and just had a chance to relax.

Once you woke up, the doctor and I took a look at you and we decided that it was about time for you to come home.

That, punkin, barring the intervention of a gigantic thunderstorm, marked the end of your little hospital adventure for the weekend. We'd spent a total of about 40 hours in various hospital wards around town, and found out exactly how much puke can come out of a tiny wee bairn.

Of course, the bullet I'd been dodging through this whole time caught me on Saturday night with a venegance. I didn't cop this gastro bug anywhere near as badly as the other people in our family did, but I was pretty sick on Saturday night and on Sunday.

You're home with your mum now, we're all very tired because you're not sleeping so well just yet, and your mother is still not 100% recovered. You're still a bit vomity and not happy and clingy, but you're home and you grin at me and laugh when I tickle you and this whole adventure has just made me appreciate every second I get to spend with you so so so much more. Keep getting better, punkin.

Love you.


E in Oz said...

Wow. Not fun times. I hope you're all back to 100% very soon.

Amber said...

That sounds SO scary! It gives me the shivers thinking about having to rush my little one to the hospital like that. And to have both your wife and child sick and in the hospital (let alone different hospitals) had to be so stressful. I am glad to hear everyone is recovering now.

e said...

I'm with these guys... SO happy they're making their recoveries now. And glad to hear you didn't get hit as hard with it, too!