March 08, 2006

Choppy McChopperson

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The Peeny-Deeny clan, punkling, including the Kawasakus and other sections thereof, does Not Do Things By Half.

We were not, then, therefore, particularly surprised when we realised that there is a specific reason that you've been screaming so much over the last couple of days.

On gazing into your bechompered mouth, it becomes obvious that you're attempting to make up for your dental deficit in one fell swoop. It would seem that you're attempting to grow ALL of your teeth at the same time.

Of course, much like many of the bulldozer style plans that we undertake, this full frontal assault has significant drawbacks, not least of which is your decision to cease sleeping like a proper normal person and begin sleeping like some crazed demon child. Again.

It's tough dealing with this, mostly because we're not entirely sure how to make you feel better this time, but as with all the other less easy parts of this whole parenting deal, I'm sure we'll get there in the end.

Your mum and I are both very busy with work at the moment, so it's all feeling a bit hectic and rushed at Casa Peeny-Deeny, particularly in the mornings, but we seem to be able to cope surpisingly well with the need to get three people ready to scoot out the door in the AM, today your mum even managed to pack a lunch for me, which was a lovely surprise.

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