June 15, 2006

Heavy Duty Hiatus

Good Morning, Pumpkin, it's been a while.

There's been a lot going on in the Peeny-Deeny household, but I can't say that I have any substantial excuse for failing to update this little portion of the world wide web.

One of the problems with some tasks is that, once you procrastinate for even a short while about completing them, they begin to take on some kind of a weight in your mind, a weight that does not often correlate in any way to how onerous that task actually is, but which manages to convince you that it would be Far Too Difficult to undertake it now, and anyway, there's something interesting on telly.

Not that there very often is anything actually interesting on telly.

1 comment:

Pol said...

blimey I| was beginning to think you'd fallen ioff the perch there Bii n Eve.

Good to hear it is standard operational ennui.

Be good

Pol x