June 22, 2006

New Beginnings

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One of the things, punkin, that you will learn in your life is that it's a very strange experience going into a new environment.

That each new beginning is a new opportunity to find new friends, to meet new people who share your interests, who will be able to teach you new and exciting things as you move forward in your life.

What's more interesting than that, punkin, is realising that, when you get to a new place, your tastes have changed and so have your interests. It was this thought, punkin, that struck me when I started to circulate amongst the people at my new workplace, was that previously on entering a new environment I would have talked about food, about wine and music and film and cars and all the other things that I like (actually, come to think of it, that's a pretty exhaustive list).

Now, punkin, I trawl the office looking for the signs of kindred spirits. I look for tired eyes and snapshots on desks. I look for people with mismatched socks and a briefcase that has some giant lego blocks falling out of it. I look for people, punkin, who like me, may have spent an hour or so and four AM listening to a tiny human screaming.

These are now my kindred spirits. These, punkin...

These are my people.

Love you.


Pol said...

I've just been trawling through the flickr account and have come to one conclusion that I think you guys sussed long ago.

That boy has DIVINE eyes.

Quite, quite startlingly marvellous.

Pol x

rowdygrammy said...

Good Morning Abraham William,

It is indeed a time of new beginnings. Your Uncle Steve and Aunty Vanessa are getting married in just 24 days. Unky Dave will be here in Maine in 18 days and we will all go to Logan, Ohio for the big wedding. Your dad will be in Ohio in just 22 days as well. Unfortunately you and your Mum won’t be coming. It won’t matter much to you, except for all the kissing and cuddling you will miss out on, and all the new relatives you won’t get to meet, but I think you will miss your Dad. We will all be missing you, and your Mum. Sometimes things just don’t work out exactly the way you want them to.

BUT, the other new beginning that is around the corner, it that Grandad Phil and Rowdy will be coming back to Melbourne, to be closer to you and your Dad & Mum and Unky Dave. We have sold our house, and will probably be back in late September. Grandad Phil and Grammy have been working very hard, cleaning out the house, and making it look spacious and inviting. We have been folding the towels just so, getting rid of all of the rubbish and sweeping the front porch every day. It must have worked because someone wants to buy it.

NOW all we have to do is pack everything up, organize our finances, find a house in Melbourne, get new jobs and we will be done. O, and one more thing – we have to get a Little Red Wagon for you, since no properly brought up little boy should be without one.

I love you Abraham William, and your Dad & Mum, and Unky Dave and the puppies.

PS Don’t let your Dad try to fool you about wearing mismatched socks. He has NEVER worn socks that match, not since he was little. Don’t let him blame that one on you.