June 30, 2006


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It is not without some trepidation, punkin, that I venture out to the car dealership today to say goodbye to the blonk.

The blönk has served us well. We bought it many years ago, knowing somewhere deep down that you were on the way. The first thing someone said when they saw it was "is Evey pregnant?". People asked that a lot, though, they all knew we were waiting for you for a long time.

It was the blonk, punkin, that carried you home from the hospital. It was the blonk that took you on your first major road trip, down the Great Ocean Road, where this photo was taken. The blonk carried us all for many hours on many trips. Up the mountain and down, it always kept us safe and warm and comfortable.

But, with a new job, come new opportunities, and your dad isn't ever one to shirk the chance to upgrade if it's going to be economically sensible.

So today, punkin, we say goodbye to the blonk. I don't know what the name of our new car is yet, maybe you can help me figure that out.

Love you.

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