January 27, 2005

Dancing about architecture

I am guilty, most wonderous pumpkin, of neglecting this place in days gone past. For this I apologise, and can give you no other explanation than that I have felt there wasn't anything to tell you.

This is categorically untrue, as will be evidenced below.

We went to see Dr Pete on Monday, an event which left us slightly befuddled subsequent, for two main reasons. Firstly and chiefly, my complacency about your mother's pregnancy progression was jarred by a throwaway comment from the good doctor. He referred to the coming weeks as the 'business end' of the entire process.

Now pumpkin, it is true that I have become used to your mum being pregnant, that I am now accustomed to such phenomena as 'emergency cereal' and the requirement for first breakfast AND second breakfast (as well as snacks, brunch, lunch, afternoon tea, linner , dinner, supper etc etc). I am also by now used to a wife who sleeps soundly for up to 38 minutes before waking up enough to pummel me into submission and then wrench bedclothes from my tenuous grasp in her neverending quest to 'just get *&^%$ing comfortable' (not that rude words, pumpkin, would EVER leave your mother's mouth, the profanity is used here to 'add colour').

The point here, if there is one, is that, whilst I am now used to Eve being pregnant, I am completely unprepared for her to not be pregnant. There is, I'm sure you will agree, a substantial difference.

The second of Dr Pete's earth shattering utterances came directly after he measured you and prodded you a bit. He walked back to his desk, saying with pride that he thinks you will be a 'good sized' baby. I was flummoxed. Does this mean that there's such a thing as a bad sized baby? Even so, what precisely does 'good sized' mean?

I pressed him for more information, (and I'm breaking a confidence here, because he in fact said in no uncertain terms that I shouldn't quote him on this), and he said that he thinks you will be 'around 8 pounds'.

Now I don't know how big that is, but let me tell you that your mum went a bit pale, so I'm assuming it's big. Certainly I know that I would not (decorum aside for the moment) like to have ANYTHING that weighs eight pounds having to come out of my body.

Love you.


PrincessVonToasterHead said...

Finally ! A Post !! :) Allow Me To Introduce Myself.. I'm Neisha And The Pumpkin Diary Is My Favorite Weekly Read. (it even says so on the link from my blog to yours)

Breathe Easy.. 8 Pounds Is Nice & "average" My Daughter Came In At 9 and Half Pounds And My Grandmother Had My Dad At 13 Pounds.. :D

lovelyamy said...

i guess this is a perfect opportunity for me to post something... ive eventually found this website in between mostly studying to be an architect and dancing the night away and i figured that it would be tragic if i never took this opportunity to write to you pumpkin -- so here i am sat in mine and liams new living room covered in custard woodchip (hoping that you never have to experience dreaded woodchip like me n yer mamma did...)and listening to gil scott heron the godfather of rap.
i guess with you being upside down to me it does feel like i am miles away from the three of you and think about you all the time... its been nice to watch evie on the webcam -- boy is she big! but no worries as i was a fat babba too -- 8 pounds 12 and i think ive turned out ok in the end if not a bit on the skinny side to be honest with nobbley knees... and grandpa jons sense of humour...

well i guess im ramblin but now ive made contact with you my sweet i would like to promise that i will be your favourite maternal auntie and i look forward to the next post
love to you all xxx