January 14, 2005

Eternal sunshine of the empty house

It is with mixed feelings, pumpkin, that I inform you that the influx of northern hemispherean guests to our abode is drawing to a close today.

The unfailingly lovely L and J depart our shores on the big silver bird late this afternoon, bound home to Wales with fond thoughts of you in their hearts. L and J came out here to investigate the possiblity of making the Big Move down under, and I think that such a shift could be possible in the not too distant future. Although not absolutely positive that Aunt Loz (as opposed to Aunts Liz 1 & 2) will be the most... decorous of role models, I can safely say that both her and her wonderful 'usband Uncle J have a boundless expanse of joy and love in their hearts.

Whilst it has been the greatest of pleasures to enjoy the company of L&J, and of your also unfailingly lovely grandparents, it must be said that your mum and I are very much looking forward to once again enjoying the peace, quiet and lack of muchbooze that tends to characterise our domestic situation.

It is a sad fact, pumpkin, that four adults into one bathroom is not an equation that fosters easy living, and that feeling free to take advantage of the facilities will be a joy.

In news about you (yes, I know that's what you were waiting for), you continue to be a wriggly baby. Also, evidence that you are taking an interest in your surroundings is thick on the ground. After hearing a noise that was undoubtedly a burglar the night before last, Miss Purdey performed her alloted task by barking very loudly and suddenly. Your mum, jolted first by the unexpected noise, was then surprised by the fact that you started to wriggle around immediately thereafter.

I've been meaning to get my act together in terms of getting you listening to music, and I think that this occurrence was the one that may spark me into action. I have a copy of the Beatles' White Album, which I think might be a good start.

Love you,

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