August 09, 2005

Big Silver Bird in Sky

Looking all wistful
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It's no use looking out the window, punkin. Your grandma won't be here for a few days yet.

The visit of grandparents is something that will no doubt occur on many occasions throughout your life, and likely take many different forms.

Take, for example, the following case. Your Grandad and Fabulous Aunt Jann came over to look after you for a few hours on Sunday. Ostensibly, it was so that your mother and I could go and visit a lovely photographic exhibition, but I think there may have been an ulterior motive, namely your dad's giant TV and the Carlton game.

Your mum and I got home, after grabbing some food on the way, to find our house occupied by your Unky Dave as well. Luckily your father had had the foresight to buy a sixpack of lovely beer to go with lunch, so everyone was happy. It's this kind of shambolic happy coincidence of food and wine that makes weekends so fabulous sometimes. We all sat and talked and watched the footy (yes, punkin, Carlton lost) and ate and drank and laughed.

On its way now is an extended edition of that type of joy. Your grandparents, your cousin Declan, your Aunt Marie, your Great Aunt Anne, your mum and me, we'll all be spending time with you in the coming days. Your grandparents will be arriving on Thusday morning, which is two sleeps for me, but about 9 for you, and Declan and his mob will turn up on Monday.

No-one has to go to work, no-one has any other commitments. I forsee autumn walks in the park, I see going to the market, I see long lunches and sleeping in. I see you and Declan getting more than your fair share of snuggles and tickles, cuddles and kisses. I see the pop of flashbulbs and hear the whirr of cameras working overtime. I hear the pop of winecorks and the raucous laughter of extended families.

In short, punkin, we're going to have a ball.

Love you.


h0g said...

Hi there,

Came across your blog via your profile and just wanted to leave a quick comment as I need to get back to work:

Your profile picture with your baby on your shoulder is one of the few things that has really made me feel that I'd like to have my own child one day. I'm very open to the idea of having children, but I don't think men have the same natural urge to have children that their partner's usually do. So thanks for that :)

I look forward to coming back and reading about your experience of fatherhood. Great blog and a wonderful thing for your child to read back on when they are old enough to be curious about it.

Cheers - Pete.

rowdygrammy said...

Good Morning Abraham William,

FIRST - don't believe your Dad when he says snow is nasty - given the right circumstances snow is a LOT of fun. Ask him to tell you about the luge run that he and Unky Dave and Unky Steve built at Rowdy & Grandad's house one Christmas. It doesn't get much more fun than stepping out the front door and jumping on a sled and tearing off down the hill.
And since then Grandad Phil has bought a wonderful LL Bean toboggan that about four people can sit on. And then of course there are snow shoes, skis and making snow angels. You'll have a heap of fun.

SECOND - by the time you get to think about such things you are going to think that I am REALLY old. But to let you into a secret my little Brambill, sometimes I feel as if I'm about six. So my 54 year old self is very happy to hear that you are having fun, and especially that not only are your Yorkshire grands visiting but the rellies from Perth are too. And your dad is having time off work and everyone is going to have a wonderful time. But I want to tell you (and it's a secret) that my six year old self, who is still lurking inside and comes out from time to time is saying "WAW - I want to come".

But that can't be, so we will just have to be happy with what we have, which is a lot. But I can let you into another secret too - your Rowdy Grammy and Grandad Phil will come back to visit before you have your first birthday.

AND THIRD - if your dad is going to have lovely autumn walks he is going to have to wait a while - because the last time I looked it was winter in Melbourne.

Have a lovely time with your Grannie Annie and Grandad John (I'm sure he played in Eric Clapton's band - would he lie to you?), and your cousin and aunts. Hug them all for me.

love you possum