August 11, 2005

On the ground

Grandad Jon
Originally uploaded by billyjoebob.
Safe and sound - and what a gorgeous hat your Auntie Lovely Amy bought you!


belinda said...

Aw that hat is adorable!

I like your dingly dangly bug in the picture below too....nicely compliments the cute baby ;) I work a baby section of a shop....I reccommend the dingly dangly zebra!

Gab said...

I think even Bram likes the hat, and so he should - it is so cute!

Rae said...

What a great hat!! So suits him.

rowdygrammy said...

And very happy they both look too. The hat from Aunty Amy is great - we need a hat parade. So lovely to see you together. Is it still snowing in Melbourne?
Have a wonderful time with your Yorkshire grands Brambill.

love and hugs to all

Ren said...

Cutest. Photo. EVER. *implodes*