August 18, 2005

Little Man

Little Man
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Every now and then, punkling, you'll show me a face, or move your body in a way, that lets me see the way you're going to look years from now. Last night I was privileged to catch one of those moments on film.

It's been so much fun having your grandparents here, it's been a great releif to your mum and I to have someone else around to help out when we need it. Of course, they're also a heap of fun. The photos we took down at Brighton Beach yesterday are going to remind us exactly how much fun they can be for a long time to come.

It's been such a joy to get to spend time with them, and to let them spend time with you. Obviously, they feel like they need to compress as much time with you as possible into their short stay, but I really feel like this time they've got their money's worth.

The way you interact with them, the time they get to spend watching you laugh and gurgle, playing with you, is such valuable time. For them to be able to establish this very real contact with you so early in your life is, I think, something that they will be happy about for a very long time.

I keep talking about time. I keep mentioning valuable time. I keep saying that, and I know why.
I read recently about a grandma who won't be able to spend any more time with her grandkids. A grandmother who loved her grandsons as much as your grandmothers love you, and I realised that (and not to worry, punkin, this is all about being old and boring stuff and you shouldn't worry about it) that it makes me gloriously happy every second they can spend with you.

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E in Oz said...

Wow! He's just getting BIG! He's looking pretty handsome too. :-)