August 16, 2005


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This, it would appear, punkin, is your name.

Personally, I think that it's a good name, and I hope that you like it too. It took us a long time to find it, and we went through several on the way. Going back to the time that we first wanted to get pregnant, we had your GirlName (and no, we're not telling, we're saving it) all figured out, but your BoyName was a mystery to us.

We bought books, we scoured family trees. We watched the credits on TV shows and movies, and we racked our brains. Eventually, we settled on Bram. How, I can't tell you, but when you're old enough maybe I'll show you the highlighted version of "10,000 names for babies" that we have, or give you a rundown on some of the other front-runners. Let it be said that the special names that I had set out for you failed to materialise, and that I'm sure your mother has legitimate reasons for rejecting Conan, Hendrix, Danger, Batman and Five.

Having said that, I love your name. It's short and to the point, it's been around for a long time, it's easy to spell and pronounce, and it's got a literary connection.

Most of all, though, I love it because it's yours.

Love you


Gab said...

A friend of mine managed to convince his wife that Jessica Axl Rose was a good name for their first daughter. I would agree, actually, cause she's quite the tearaway now, bless her. I think the 'Rose' bit fools any non-Gunners fans and is quite clever considering.

Rae said...

Must admit, I do love that name. Short, cool and hopefully very few others out there.

Ames said...

It's like an Engrish version of Blam! So I like it.