December 30, 2005

Ave an Avo!

Originally uploaded by billyjoebob.
It seems the boy likes avocado.

More later, when the temperature drops below the imperial century. It's too hot to think.


Rae said...

Looks like you're on another winner with an avo! Bert is having a go every now and then with rice cereal, with the expected results. He's not eating solids daily yet, just checking out a few flavours for novelty. Here's hoping Bert does as well as Bram seems to be with the solids!

jenu said...

I've always liked avocado growing up in Lismore and Sydney before moving to Albury where avocados are much more expensive and harder to obtain. I still remember the day my little sister decided SHE liked avocado as well and I would have to share....devastating!

Pol said...

I recall them being called alligator pears in the UK. Mind it was the early 70's, black forrest gateaux had an x in it and was as sexy as the chase scenes in Benny Hill.

My mum used to but a dollop of egg mayonaise in the stone hole.

That's mashed egg and mayo, not an "egg mayonnaise" mark you.

Heady times my young friends, heady times.

pol x