December 04, 2005

Extra points for the dismount

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It's true, punkin, that your family is an unconventional lot, but I think you might be taking it a bit far when choosing to celebrate your 7/12th birthday by leaping headfirst from the couch.

The gravity of the occasion was, I think, somewhat mollified by the fact that you stopped crying long before your mother did. Or that when we got to the doctor's, you grinned, bounced and then tried to grab her torch when she shone it in your eyes.

Certainly, as a child of mine, I'm assuming that this will not by any means mark our last trip to the doctor at midday on a Sunday. Certainly I'm not assuming that this blotch of Betadine will be the last that graces your noggin. I'm glad that you now have a grasp of the routine, that you know how the whole thing works, this giving your parents heart attacks thing. I personally wasn't aware exactly how fast I could make it from the study to the living room, but when I heard the thump and your mum started screaming, it turned out to be about 3.5 seconds.

I don't remember running around our bed, so I'm thinking that it's possible I jumped over it. By the time I got there, she'd scooped you up in her arms and cradled you to her. I think at that stage she was still too upset to be crying, certainly she couldn't get her mouth around the words to tell me what had happened.

It didn't take very long after that for me to figure out that you'd probably be ok. More than anything else, I think, the fact that you grabbed the frozen teething ring that I was trying to ice your bump with and stuck it in your mouth let me know that you were still with us.

But you were so pale, punkling. So pale.

For about a minute after that, we all stood in the kitchen. Not sure of what to do or how to go about it. Your mum was beside herself, but I couldn't spare any arms for her because I was trying to get a look at your "wound". I'm calling it a "wound", because by the time I got a look at it, you had a graze about the size of a matchhead on your bonce.

I think your bruise is going to be pretty impressive though. I'm fairly sure that we're going to get some interesting looks in the supermarket.

Once both of you calmed down a bit, we got you on the boob and I called the doctor. While I was speaking to the nurse, she asked me if you were looking alert. I looked up at you and you grinned at me. I really wish you wouldn't do that at moments of high drama, monkey, because it makes daddy's heart go all wobbly and I can't concentrate on what I'm doing.

So we got you to the doctor, you grinned and bounced and laughed. She told us (as do so many people) that we had a gorgeous, happy baby. She dabbed a bit of betadine on your noggin, and told us to take you home. So we did.

You just woke up from your post examination nap, and you look ok to me.

Love you.


Rae said...

Poor lil tot! They seem to bounce back so quickly from these sorts of things, and like Mum, I too would have been crying a lot longer than bubs!

Mrs_Pants said...

Poor little man, and poor parents.

I can relate. I always cry hysterically when one of my little boys hurt themselves, long after their tears have stopped.

rowdygrammy said...

Good Evening my darling Brambill,

I am so sorry that you have a bonk. As bonks go it's not so bad - it probably won't even leave a scar. One day when you are older you will have to ask your Dad about the time he leapt off the deck because he was wearing his Superman cape that Nana made him for Christmas. Of course it may have had something to do with the fact that Uncle David told him if he was wearing it he could fly.

These things happen to kids. The trick is to make sure that nothing too serious happens. Take my advice sweet boy and listen to your parents. They have your best interests at heart.

It was a beautiful day here yesterday Bram. It was cold, and a little breezy, and the sky was high and pale blue the way it gets here in the winter. The gulls were wheeling in the sky above Portland, and I was wishing I could share my joy in the day with you. There is a beauty in the winter, and the cold clean wind that I will miss when I leave here.

The big news I have for you is that Grandad and I have our tickets to come and visit you in February. It has been a little difficult getting tickets, but Grandad Phil who is the king of organzing things like this called the airline every day for 13 days, and we finally have them.

We have been doing a little Christmas shopping, and will be sending you a present - watch the mail. Aunt Chris bought you a great present that she is sending you too. I'm sure you will love it and it will drive your parents crazy. That's the wonderful thing about being a grandmother or a great aunt. You get to buy the fun gifts.

I love you Abraham William - try not to take too many nose dives - it's hard on the parents.

love and hugs
Rowdy Grammy

billyjoe noodle-bob said...

It was a batman cape. from the batman showbag at the melbourne show. WHY i thought that I could fly while wearing a batman cape, given that batman himself can't fly, i will never know.

E in Oz said...

Perhaps all boys think they can fly...or bounce. My bro donned his superman cape and promptly jumped off the trampoline... and into a tree...look mum, no teeth...

I'm so glad your little man (and Eve and yourself) appears to be well recovered. I hope the bruising and swelling go down quickly. (and that he doesn't give you heart palpitations again any time soon!)

rowdygrammy said...

It may have been a Batman cape. Your Dad thought he could fly because Uncle David told him he could. Maybe Uncle David thought he could. But Nana Ruth made it, it didn't come out of a show bag. She made one for Uncle David too. I see that Uncle Steve is taking care of you too Bramble. Good job.