December 25, 2005

Joy to the World

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Liveblogging Christmas day. If I wasn't such a massive geek, I'd be surprised at myself. We've already done the first video hookup with both the USA and the UK, but there's always time for more webcam fun.

Your mum's Martha Stewart work with the stockings was much appreciated by all, whilst their contents were both a revelation and a joy. The highlight of mine would have to be the motorised automatically rotating lollipop. Every dad needs one, don't you know.

We'll be adding to this post as the day goes on....

Love you.

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lovelyamy said...

well evie, you have out done yourself -- those stockings really do work!! and they are in one peice (unlike those tie-dyed red side-lace up jeans you 'created' about 15 years ago that are still at the bottom of mums sewing cupboard ;...))
anyway glad you had a great day down under and good to speak to you all.
merry christmas to you
love aunty amy xxx