December 16, 2005

Festive Us

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There are a very few days left to go, punkin, until your first Christmas.

Naturally, given your status as Most High Exalted Grandson, GrandNephew and Great Grandson, gifts from afar have been taxing the systems and logistics of the local mail delivery experts, and our tree is beginning to develop a siege mentality.

We went on a shopping trip to find some stockings to hang from our mantelpiece, unfortunately it seemed that we left our run a little late, so your mother (who is, it should be said, immensely talented) decided to whip out the sewing machine and make some herself.

Christmas morning looks like it's going to be a very special time for us. Your uncle Dave is going to come by to open stockings with us, and he and I are currently workshopping a technology solution that will allow grandparents of the overseas variety to participate in this ceremony via the joy of the interwebnet.

This photo also serves to show off your two newest toys, being your bottom teeth.

You're immensely happy with them, a point which you do not hesitate to prove by biting anything and everything you can get your chubby little fists on, including me.

We also seem to have discovered the solution to the problem of you refusing to eat mashed up stuff off a spoon. It seems (no surprise here) that you are not of the opinion that you should be FED, rather that you should be in charge of the food acquisition timetable. For the purposes of this particular photoshoot, this involved allowing you to use your hands to disseminate your pureed carrot as you saw fit. Luckily, everything involved was of the wipe clean variety.

Love you, even when you're covered from head to toe in mashed carrot.


AF said...

Really enjoy your blog and the little one is gorgeous.

Trish said...

My daughter refused to be spoon-fed, and in frustration I said "fine! You do it!" and she did.

These kids are far cleverer than we give them credit for.

Love the toothy grin. And the antlers. Will you post a photo of the homemade stockings when they're hung?