December 17, 2004

Ding dong merrily on thigh

Christmas cheer abounds at this time of year. There's tons of flashing lights and frazzled shoppers clutching frantically for the last box of quality street. People speak of Christmas wishes, happy holidays and family feasting.

For me, though, this Christmas is about you. About you not being here. About this being the last Christmas before you arrive. About this being the last Christmas we're going to spend without a child in our life.

This family hasn't had a Christmas full of children in quite a few years. Liz was the last child in my immediate family, and she turned 21 not too long ago. Requests, pumpkin, for gifts of Midori are not somehow as cute as handwritten notes to the fat man in the red suit asking for a Firetruck.

Of course, you already HAVE a firetruck, so there'll be no need for that anyway.

In any case, Christmas for me has for the last few years been about the food and wine, rather than concentrating so much on the presents. The phenomenal feasts that your Fantabulous Aunt Jann orchestrates are truly marvels to behold, and your Dad's no slouch with a turkey. I'm not sure, by next Christmas, that you'll be up to sampling some of the gastronomic delights on offer, but I assure you that in years to come you'll appreciate them. It's one thing to come from a family of big eaters, pumpkin, it's a different thing entirely to come from a family of big cookers.

There's around a week left to go until the big day. As usual, we're running behind time trying to get everyone's gifts organised, but I'm pretty sure we'll get there in the end.

\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\News Flash
\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\Your mum informs me that she just felt you kick for the first time. You want some turkey after all, I suppose. Hi there, kiddo, this is your father speaking. Be nice to your mum, we're going out tonight and I hope she can stay standing up for long enough to see this band.

Love you.


rowdygrammy said...

Hello Pumpkin,
This is your Australian/American grandmother. I too am thinking about this being the last Christmas without a little child. Of course, as your parents will no doubt find out, a child is always a child. I get just as much fun out of shopping for your dad and your mum as I did when your dad and his uncles were little.
I have been somewhat restrained with gifts for you though, I want to wait until I know you. There might be a book or two that you NEED in my special present hiding spot, and I have been thinking that you might need a snow suit, just in case you visit me during the winter, but that can wait.
It is really winter here in Maine. I see a lot of little children and babies in my library and each one I see makes me think of you. It will be a delight to finally see you, and be able to hold you.
I am happy to hear that you are giving your mum an indication that you are there. Keep happy and grow strong, your loving family is waiting for you.

E in Oz said...

OH! I just realised why I like your writing style so much! C and I have been reading letters my grandfather wrote to my grandmother during write to your pumpkin the way he wrote to my grandmother.

I'm going to post one of his letters on my blog some time soon. I'll let you know when, so you can check it out.

Hope you all have a great Christmas.
E :-)