December 18, 2004

It's only rock and roll, but I like it.

Pumpkin, you just went to your first gig.

The Dresden Dolls are a loopy Boston based duo who use piano and drums to rock out. I think you'll like their music, but I'm pretty sure that you won't understand what the songs are all about until you're at least 17, angst ridden, and deeply involved in a love that has never before been experienced by any person living on earth ever, then have that love shattered into a thousand pieces of sorrow by an unfeeling and uncaring world.

As we arrived at the venue, having traipsed up many stairs into a dark, smoky, hot and steamy room, your mum looked around at the litany of cute little goths with waistcoats and bowler hats, pigtails and massive shoes. She poked me and pointed to a couple in much more ordinary clothes, and said in my ear "they don't look like they belong here". I laughed and looked down at my jeans and Blundstones. "We don't look like we belong here either", I said.

But we rocked out, pumpkin. I even threw the horns when Amanda and Bryan launched into an innovative, piano and drums version of War Pigs by Black Sabbath.

Long live rock and roll.

oh, and by the way,

your Dad still loves you. And despite everything else that happens in your life, Pumpkin, remember that at this moment, right now, your Dad remembers what it was like to be 17.


Feisty said...

Hi Pumpkin, this is your mum here.

I can vouch for the fact that your dad remembers what it's like to be seventeen. I could write more, but I'm sure you'll see his tantrums in action.

rowdygrammy said...

Tantrums? Bill?