December 01, 2004

operation decoration

We're painting your bedroom this week, pumpkin.

This painting of rooms lark is strictly your mother's department. One of my great failings as a human being is that I can't actually see very many colours. I'm not colourblind, by any stretch of the imagination, but the fact remains that I can easily differentiate only a fraction of the colours that your mum can.

When we stand there at the colour wall at Bunnings, she holds up cards with swatches on them. "Do you like this one? How about this one?". It's very frustrating for me to have to explain once again that, to my eye, they're all the same. So she picked the colours for your room. Unaided by me, apart from my idea that the colour should be "cool and warm at the same time". See? No help at all.

Once we got home (after a stop by your grandfather's house to borrow one of his many ladders), I was put in charge of painting the bits up by the ceiling that your mum can't reach. This was rendered difficult precisely because of the issue mentioned above. When you're painting one colour, pumpkin, over the top of another colour, and they both look to your handicapped eyes like they're the same, it becomes very difficult to tell where you've painted and where you haven't.

Of course, looking back, I should have realised that this would happen, and made allowances for it. I did not, and grumpiness ensued.

In any case, the room has now been almost entirely painted, and now that the paint's dry I can see that it's white. whitey purple. purpley whitey white. I think. The fireplace surround remains an icky green, so I think that's going to get done in the next few days. The time constraints being that very soon our overseas visitors will begin arriving, and it would be rude of us to not let them stay in the newly painted lovely room that has now had most of the crud in it removed.

(Thanks Freecycle!)

love you.

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