March 25, 2005

Arrivals, impending or otherwise.

Today was spent, punkin, at the home of some of your grandparents. Well, at the home of one of them anyway. Today's Good Friday, although to tell you the truth I'm not actually 100% sure of what that means. Your mum's the one with the religious edumacation, so she can tell you what the deal with this particular day is, but I think it's something to do with the Big Guy going up on the cross.

In Any Case.

We arrived at your grandad's house today approximately 25 minutes early. Upon discussion, your grandad said that this arrival was acceptable on the grounds that it 'fell within the acceptable window of arrival times'. I agreed, of course, but this, punkling, is where your grandfather and I differ from just about everyone in the entire world.

Your grandad and I, sweet one, are what I like to call 'early arrivers'. We can be guaranteed to turn up at any given place or event AT LEAST 10% early. For most social events, this translates into us rampaging about our respective households prior to departure, driving our loved ones to distraction with requests as to their Estimated Time of Departure.

This also means that we can and will arrive at people's houses well before they are ready for guests to arrive. It means that they will be in various states of undress and/or showering when we do. Very irritating, I'm sure you'll agree.

I'm hoping, pumpkin, that your mum's.... shall we say ... opposing inclinations of a temporal nature and mine will cancel each other out, and that you will become someone who arrives at events Exactly Late Enough To Be Fashionable and not a second later. This is, of course, unlikely, and it is probable that you will end up, as with most people, at either the Early or the Late end of the spectrum.

Love you.

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