March 10, 2005

A few helpful hints

Labour is the current topic du’jour in the Peeny Deeny household, punkin. Attending the classes on the weekend made us both think a fair bit about the choices that we would be making when the time comes for you to make your grand arrival, and I’ve been thinking about what I need to do at that time. Obviously, one of the standard issues with men in general is that they look for things to DO, rather than seeing that the thing to do is nothing bu be supportive.

Your mother, however, has sent me a handy list of things to keep in mind for my support role during this marathon. Here, then, are they that which I am looking now:

Ask questions

Can I bring my Playstation?

Bring a few things for yourself

A Playstation?

Know what to expect

Screaming, swearing, yelling, blood, ickiness - did I miss anything?

Be flexible

OK, how about if I borrow harry’s GBA instead? PS I think it's a bit more important for your MUM to be flexible than it is me....

Find a compelling distraction

I don’t know how many times I can write Playstation on this blog without getting sued by Sony.

Be a one-person support team

Hmm, support team. Well I’ll be happy to let your mum have a turn if she wants one…

Know your capabilities

A man’s got to know his limitations. I won't attempt the End Of The Line mission in GTA:VC without thinking about my strategy first.

Be prepared to take charge of the situation

You know – I’m not sure that I’m qualified to do that. Sure, I’m happy to make suggestions, but I don’t think I want to hold the forceps or make the episiotomy incision.

Be ready to wait

Hello? Playstation?

Being there

Yeah well I’ve resigned myself to this. I’m bringing my Playstation tho.

Love you.

*may be all or in part a total fabrication

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