March 01, 2005

The audience is listening

Several things have happened this week, pumpkin, some of which you’re likely aware, some of which you’re likely not.

I started my new job yesterday. It’s an exciting job in an exciting place, but it might mean that I won’t get to spend as much time with you as I’d like.

It’s one of the great shames of burgeoning parenthood that people are forced to make this call. To toss this coin that says “spending time with your family is of paramount importance” on one side and on the other says “babies are very expensive”. We’ve chosen to try to balance this dual responsibility by your mum taking some time off work to look after you, and me taking a job that pays a bit more than the one I had.

Having said that, my new job is likely going to mean that I’ll have to spend more time in the office than I’d like, and less time with you. It makes me very sad that this is the case, pumpkling, but I want to tell you now and forever that I’m doing this for you. That you are uppermost in my mind when I work late, or go in early, or bring work home.

Of course, we did SHOP this weekend too, and this brings me to my other news. Your parents, pumpkin, have finally joined the 21st century and purchased a home theatre system. That’s right, your dad finally got off his butt and went and found a beautifully affordable, low profile (pretty) 6.1 surround sound amplifier and some heavily discounted (ugly) JBL speakers to go with it.

The result of this is that, when we watch shrek together, we’ll be able to hear the noises from the forest ALL AROUND US, which I’m sure you’ll agree is ABSOLUTELY worth me paying that much for it.

We also bought you a carseat, that will fit perfectly in, and complement the colours of, the blönk, which is having some issues of its own this week, which we’ll discuss later.

Love you

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