March 29, 2005

The Late Mail

Conceptual leaps, pumpkin, are often accompanied by a loud smacking sound as the perpetrators thereof wonder how and why the bleeding obvious has avoided them for so long.

It is therefore with trepidation, and prepared for a modicum of ridicule, that I tell you of the one that struck me only late on the Saturday just past.

Obviously, this entire weblog exercise has been perpetrated with three primary goals in mind;

1. To inform your many and varied overseas relatives of your progress;
2. To allow me to work through the emotional journey that becoming a dad encompasses
3. To allow me and others to communicate with you across the barrier of time.

It was thinking about this final primary goal that had me slapping my forehead the other day. Why, I thought, why, after all of this rigmarole with the blogging and the commenting and the phone calls and the webcam and the microphone and the tape measure and the press and the photographer and the posting and the writing and the editing, why doesn’t pumpkin have an email address? A simple simple way for people to send pumpkin little notes about what they’re up to, or ask questions, or tell secrets, or just say that they love you? Why?

Your dad has had the same email address for almost 10 years, and it’s been an invaluable tool in terms of enabling people who he thought he’d lost to send him email, to regain lost contact and to maintain long distance connections with people around the world. I think that you should have one too.

The answer, my sweet punkling, is that you do.

And yes, I have already reserved two addresses that conform to your likely names.

Love you,

1 comment:

Bente said...

That's a sweet idea. I may do that myself for my daughter, mind you she is already here, but still.