March 30, 2005

Situation Normal All Fine And Dandy

Wednesday afternoon.

Your mum's at the lobstertrician.

I'm toying with the idea of going to visit your aunt Liz at work, the fact that she works at a go-kart track has nothing whatsoever to do with this decision.

As well as playing host to the assorted members of the fourth estate on Sunday, punkling, your immensely talented and gorgeous mother and I had some lovely people over for lunch. Sustenance in the form of roast lamb, cauliflower cheese and roasted tater and punkin were provided, and the lovely Jason, who is DOS (Dad of Sam), bought some lovely red wine with which to toast our meal.

Sam has grown so much since last time I saw him, it struck me immediately how much more of a personality he had. We gave Jason and Renee (MOS) a highchair that someone that Liz2 works with had donated to the cause, on the grounds that you are not going to need one for a substantial period of time.

Other than that, punkling, everything is going according to plan. There's little movement on any front. We're feeling like we're running on the spot at the moment, just waiting for a sign from you that you're ready to pop into the world....

Love you.

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