February 06, 2005

Electric Babyland Part the First

It is an oft used term, my punkling, for people to talk about the first ninety days of something. For people to use that period of time as a guage for how well something is progressing. Three months, pumpkin, is seen as long enough for something to happen.

This three months, pumpkin, is the period on which everything has to get ready for you.

Activity is beginning to build in our house, activity that will culminate in your arrival. Activity, pumpkin, that is directed solely towards ensuring that your home environment, when you get here, is as beautiful, safe, educational and well rounded as we can possibly make it.

To that end, a kid needs a bed, so it was BACK to the Giant Purveyors of BabyGoods for more pain.

Hang on, I think I need to backtrack a bit.

Your grandfather Phil, pumpkin, is one of the world's more... particular people. He likes some things and doesn't like some others. He can be relied upon, then, to give you an honest and open opinion when you ask.

Phil also has a great eye for craftsmanship, so when he called me and said that he had found you a cot, I was delighted. Obviously, he had seen the indifferent quality of much of the little person furniture being foisted on the general public, and was gratified to notice something that fell outside that realm.

Unfortunately, pumpkin, Phil lives on the Other Side Of The World.

Getting something from his house to our house is a formidable proposition, and one that can cost a considerable amount of money. Getting a PERSON from his house to our house takes enough time and money, let alone a large piece of heavy wooden furniture.

The shipping costs, therefore, were to say the least prohibitive.

Cue your grandmother on the phone to me, saying that I would have to find a cot for you.

to be continued

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