February 08, 2005

Electric Babyland part the Troisième

Emergency measures were called for. The hotline was unleashed, and telephone calls placed to both Fabulous Aunt Jann and Amazing Aunt Wendy.

Your glamorous and wonderful Aunts both came through with the goods, pumpkin.

Get on the road to Balwyn, they said, and so we did.

Headed to the branch of the Giant Purveyors of Baby Goods that was South of the River, pumpkin, where all of the rich people live.

Once there, we again began our quest for something nice, in dark wood, in a classic shape, with a single handed drop side, and no stencils on it.

Of course, the nicest one there, that fulfilled most of our requirements, was exactly the one that your friend Sam has. Now Sam's parents, it must be said, are very stylish. Sam's Dad has been known to mail order custom made shirts from London, pumpkin, replete with his monogrammed initials on the top pocket. This does not mean, however, that we should follow them in Everything, and besides, Sam's cot has a two handed drop side mechanism anyway.

So we found one we liked, and were momentarily worried by a sign on it saying that it would take 6 to 8 weeks to arrive (by that time, pumpkin, you will be very close to arriving), but luckily they had some in stock.

So here it is, pumpkin, your cot. With many, many thanks to your Nana Linda and Grandpa Phil. The one shown here is stained in Teak, whereas yours will be Walnut, but you get the gist.


Liz said...

This post is not about your cot, although it is indeed beautiful and tasteful. I just wanted to record that I felt you kick (or punch) last night, Pumpkin. Your Mummy let me squish her tummy for ages until finally you got jack of it and pushed back. I'm sure I've felt this before when my younger brothers and sisters were still 'on the inside' (not altogether, mind) but that was ages ago, and feeling your very real presence was quite exciting. See you in May!

rowdygrammy said...
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rowdygrammy said...

Hello from Snowy Maine my dear Possum,

The cot your parents chose for you is indeed handsome, and looks like a suitable heirloom. You have the distinction of being the oldest grandchild in all of the families you belong to, and our hope is that you will soon have cousins to pass the cot along to.

Your Grandad Phil and I are happy that you will have a stylish and comfy cot to spend your nights in. We want you to be safe and happy and to sleep well. A good night's sleep Possum, is a precious thing, as your parents are about to find out.

Did I mention that your Dad was two and a half before he slept through the night? Maybe he didn't like his cot, although it was bright yellow and had all of the right equipment (teddy bears etc.).

Your Grammy Linda has just discovered that if you click on the little rubbish bin right after you post a comment on the blog your comment is deleted. So now I'm posting again - I expect that by the time you are big enough to use a computer you will be able to teach me quite a lot of things. I'm looking forward to that.

lots of love Possum