February 14, 2005

Endless Love

It's Valentine's Day today, pumpkin.

There's a number of different theories as to how it all began, but it's sufficient for the purposes of this narrative to say that It All Began Long Ago.

Nowadays, of course, as with every other Card Day, it's been hijacked into a consumerist free-for-all that is aimed securely at making people feel guilty if they don't buy greeting cards.

Of course, being enlightened and modern folk, your mum and I don't buy into that sort of thing, and wouldn't DREAM of spending out hard earned after tax dollars (the vast majority of which have been earmarked specifically for the purchase of baby-related goods) on a silly piece of paper that someone has chopped down a tree to make, just to tell each other that we're in LERVE.

This is, it strikes me, a good time to tell you this, so steel yourself. Your mum and I are in LERVE. Huge, massive, stinky lerve. We will take the opportunity at many occasions in your upbringing to

a) snuggle and make googly eyes at each other in front of your friends
b) snog in the kitchen, and in any other room that we want to (my roof, my rules, don't forget)
c) write each other mushy birthday and christmas cards that say romantic things
d) remind you at any given opportunity that you are a living manifestation of that love, and that to that end, you should be grateful that we choose to express it so freely and openly.

So, to all of your protestations about what's 'gross and disgusting', about how it's 'incredibly daggy' for us to hold hands and dance together at parties, about how you can't possibly begin to think about how uncool we are, we say this.

We Love Each Other, so nyer.

Of course, we also love you.


rowdygrammy said...

Hello my sweet Possum,

I want to be the first to tell you that not ONLY do your Mum and Dad love each other but your grand parents, and EVEN your great grand parents might on occasion be found having a cuddle in the kitchen, or writing each other mushy cards, or being just a little testy when forced to be apart for too long.

You my dear little child will be able to glare at all of us in due time and tell us we are daggy and gross. I suspect however that you will just think we are all a bit stange, but sort of OK.

It's an amazing thing Possum, but love can go on changing and growing, and even when you are over fifty (or over eighty) I hope that you have someone who loves you as much as you deserve, and who will snog in the kitchen with you and send you mushy letters.

Until you do you have all of us.
With love

Jesskimo said...

I give my parents a hard time when they demonstrate affection in front of me, but i always feel secretly happy that they love eachother enough to do things like smooching in the kitchen :)

Jesskimo said...

Actually I've been known to snog in the kitchen with a certain somebody myself...

As for St Valentine's Day, I think it serves a purpose - reminding people to take time out of busy schedules to have a special day with their special someone. Not that you should need reminding, but more romantic dinners and whispering of 'i love you' and sexy red roses everywhere just can't be a bad thing in my opinion.

lovelyamy said...

i have to say here pumpkin, that i have been subjected to my parents (your grandma'n'pa)kissing in the kitchen... it is gross when you are 13 but you will realise when you are older that its wonderful --especially when you get to do it yourself one day*
love you
aunty amy x