February 10, 2005

Sorry sir, there's a 90 day wait on that item.

It's true, my punkling, you're less than 90 days away.

This is, as I'm sure I've told you before, marginally less than you'd have to wait for a layby in some stores. It's less time than the average person has to pay their credit card bill, but it's more time than you get to pay a parking fine. It is, pumpking, A Very Short Amount Of Time. . . . .

So things are starting to feel like they're really happening.

I'm very, very excited.

1 comment:

Pol said...

Me too, and I am not involved!

this is......BIG STUFF.

Pumpkin, when you read this you will see that Unka Pol 's command of the language eludes him when things get exciting.


pol x